Day 194: Introduction to Royalty trading card

Jedi Legacy 10A

Jedi Legacy 10A back

Item: “Introduction To Royalty” / Anakin Skywalker Meets Queen Amidala
Manufacturer: Topps
Set: Jedi Legacy
Card: 10A (Anakin Skywalker)
Price: 5 cents

Jedi Legacy contains 90 base cards separated into two series of 45 cards which tell the story of Anakin Skywalker and Luke Skywalker. One might argue that meeting Padmé Amidala was the pivotal moment in Anakin’s life.

Young Anakin Skywalker’s life changed dramatically after he crossed parths with Jedi Knight Qui-Gon Jinn and his entourage during their emergency stopover on Tatooine. But he also met Padmé Amidala, disguised as an angelic-looking handmaiden, for the very first time. Even as a boy, Anakin was captivated by the young queen. Within a few years, the now royal senator of Naboo and slave-turned-Jedi Anakin would fall in love and marry, making galactic history in the process.

I purchased two boxes of Jedi Legacy trading cards from Chris Gabrys on eBay.

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