Day 10: Star Wars Galaxy 7 Catherine Taber Sketchagraph by Lin Workman

Lin Workman - Catherine Taber

Item: Padmé Amidala Sketch-agraph
Set: Star Wars Galaxy 7
Manufacturer: Topps
Price: $128

Released in January 2012, Star Wars Galaxy 7 was the first set to feature Sketch-agraph cards based on Star Wars: The Clone Wars. An autographed card is sent to an artist who adds a sketch of the character portrayed by the signer. The card was signed by voice actor Catherine Taber who provides the voice of Senator Amidala in the animated series. This original Padmé Amidala art was then drawn by my friend Lin Workman of the Memphis Fan Force (Suspicious Mind Trick)..

After weeks of trying to win any Cat Taber-signed Padmé card, I won this card on eBay in March 2012.