Day 193: Clone Wars print signed by Grey DeLisle

Grey DeLisle-C4

Item: Grey DeLisle autograph on “Snowbunny” Padmé Amidala photograph
Manufacturer: Official Pix
Event: Star Wars Celebration IV
Price: $20

“Snowbunny” Wednesday returns as we celebrate Grey DeLisle’s birthday. In the photo from the Star Wars: Clone Wars micro-series, we see Senator Padmé Amidala on Ilum. In addition to providing the voice for Padmé, Grey also voiced Asajj Ventress, Shaak Ti, and Stass Allie on Clone Wars in a total of 11 episodes. Grey has personalized the autograph to me with the message “May the Force be with you!”

Grey now performs under the name Grey Griffin, having taken the last name of her third husband. She was in her second marriage when she performed in Clone Wars, but continued to use her first husband’s last name professionally.

I met Grey and had the picture autographed at Star Wars Celebration IV in Los Angeles on May 26, 2007.

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