Day 120: Star Wars Heritage Etched Foil


Item: Etched-Foil Card
Artist: Jan Duursema, Dan Parsons
Set: Star Wars Heritage
Manufacturer: Topps
Card: 5 of 6
Price: $132 (for 2 boxes of cards)

Star Wars Heritage was the first set from Topps to include images from all six films. Of course, with Revenge of the Sith not released until the following year, there were only a few cards which revealed very few details. In addition to the 120-card base sest and 30 stickers, there were two sets of six etched-foil cards in the same style as Star Wars Galaxy. This card comes from the first  wave of cards.

I purchased two boxes of Star Wars Heritage from Fadads Collectibles in October 2004.


Day 119: Gentle Giant Queen Amidala (Red Senate Gown) mini bust


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Item: Queen Amidala (Red Senate Gown) collectible mini bust
Manufacturer: Gentle Giant, Ltd.
Edition: #5/680
Price: $80 (free with Premier Guild 2014 Membership) Continue reading

Day 118: Padmé Naberrie with Pod Race View Screen action figure

Ep1 Padme Naberrie

Ep1 Padme Naberrie card back

Item: Padmé Naberrie with Pod Race View Screen action figure
Manufacturer: Hasbro
Line: Episode I (1999), Comtech Chip #4
Price: $4.99

This is the first action figure of Padmé, as portrayed by Natalie Portman, in Star Wars: Episode I — The Phantom Menace. It is No. 4 in Hasbro’s line of Episode I figures, While stranded on Tatooine, Padmé is in disguise as a handmaiden of the Queen of Naboo. She is packed with the view screen on which she can watch Anakin’s podracer during the Boonta Eve Podrace.

The CommTech chip plays the following lines:

  • “I’ve been trained in defense, I can take care of myself..”
  • “You’re a funny little boy, how do you know so much?”
  • “These junk dealers must have a weakness of some kind.”

I purchased this figure during midnight madness at the Bellevue Toys R Us on May 3, 1999.

Day 115: Queen Amidala (Naboo) action figure

Ep1 Queen Amidala
Ep1 Padme Naberrie card back

Item: Queen Amidala (NABOO) with Blaster Pistols
Manufacturer: Hasbro
Line: Episode I (1999), Comtech Chip #6
Price: $4.99

This is the first Queen Amidala figure from Hasbro. Some fans were annoyed that by naming this figure Queen Amidala, it spoiled the deception that Padmé, the Queen’s handmaiden was actually the Queen of Naboo.  This figure comes with the pistol used in the courtyard, while a later figure in this outfit comes with ascension gun used to reach a higher floor in Theed Palace.

The CommTech chip plays the following lines:

  • “Now viceroy, this is the end of your occupation here.”
  • “I am Queen Amidala.”
  • “This is my decoy, my loyal bodyguard.”
  • “If we do not act quickly, all will be lost forever.”

I purchased this figure during midnight madness at the Bellevue Toys R Us on May 3, 1999.

Day 113: Disney Park Packs miniature




Item: Padme Amidala
Set: Disney Collector Pack Series 15
Price: $6.95 for 3

Disney’s fourth series of miniatures and 15th overall was released during Star Wars Weekends 2015. While the focus was on characters from Star Wars Rebels, the series also included 10 characters from the films including the Senator from Naboo who is once again portrayed in her Geonosis Arena outfit.

I purchased several packages at Tatooine Traders (the shop at the end of Star Tours) at Disney’s Hollywood Studios on May 23, 2015.

Day 111: Star Wars Weekends 2009 spinner pin


Item: Galactic Republic/Senator Amidala and Chancellor Palpatine
Event: Star Wars Weekends 2009
Manufacturer: Disney
Cost: $12.95

After several years featuring other duos the the saga, Disney once again produced a spinner pin of Padme Amidala. This time she was paired with Chancellor Palpatine. The other side of the pin is the Galactic Republic insignia.

I purchased this pin at Disney Hollywood Studios on May 22, 2009.