Day 191: Galactic Files series 2 Classic Lines chase card

GalacticFiles2 CL-6GalacticFiles2 CL-6 back

Item: “So This Is How Liberty Dies, With Thunderous Applause…”
Set: Star Wars Galactic Files series 2
Subset: Classic Lines
Manufacturer: Topps
Card: CL-6
Price: $65.94 (included in complete set)

After years of manipulation and deception on a galactic scale, Supreme Chancellor Palpatine seizes ultimate control of the Senate under the pretest of defending this union of myriad worlds from Jedi aggression. Aware of what is truly transpiring, a forlorn and bitter Padmé Amidala comments on the irony of this tragic development.

My boxes of Galactic Files series 2 cards did not contain the expected inserts, so I bought a nearly complete mini-master set from Cedar Cliff Collectibles in August 2013.

Day 181: Star Wars Masterwork Padmé Amidala #8 Silver Parallel



Title: Padmé Amidala
Set: Star Wars Masterwork
Manufacturer: Topps
Card: 8
Edition: #56/99 Silver Parallel

Price: $9.99

Star Wars Masterwork is the most premium Star Wars trading card set ever created!
Printed on 72pt stock, the base cards are of extremely high quality. There are numerous levels of parallel versions of base cards.The so-called silver parallels despite looking more bronze, numbered to 99 of each base card, is the third rarest parallel behind the green /50 and the gold 1/1.

I purchased this card on eBay on February 16, 2015.

Day 137: Star Wars Masterwork Artist Proof sketch card by Kimberly Dunaway (7/9)

Kimberly Dunaway snowbunnyKimberly Dunaway snowbunny back

Item: Artist Proof Sketch Card (Snowbunny)
Artist: Kimberly Dunaway
Set: Star Wars Masterwork
Manufacturer: Topps
Price: $150

Every week has a “Snowbunny Wednesday”, so in order to feature the sketch cards of Kimberly Dunaway for a week on Daily Dose of Padmé, it would require a sketch of Padmé in her Ilum attire. However, not only had she not done one, I had not seen that outfit on any of the nearly 200 Masterwork Artist Sketch Cards featuring the former Queen of Naboo. Fortunately, Kim had some blank cards and created this breathtakingly beautiful sketch specially for me.

Obviously, I acquired this card directly from the artist.

Day 135: Star Wars Masterwork sketch card by Kimberly Dunaway (5/9)

Kimberly Dunaway arena with R2 227

Item: Sketch Card (Geonosis Arena attire with R2-D2)
Artist: Kimberly Dunaway
Set: Star Wars Masterwork
Manufacturer: Topps
Price: $227.50

Padmé Amidala and Anakin Skywalker travel to Geonosis to attempt to rescue Obi-Wan Kenobi, but they are also captured and all three are sentenced to death in an arena with deadly beasts. Padmé’s escapes her restraints, but her attire is ripped by a nexu. Her reunion with R2-D2 on Geonosis does not appear in Star Wars: Episode II — Attack of the Clones.

I won an eBay auction for this card on February 27, 2015. Avery Schade’s listing improperly identified Padmé as Princess Leia,

Day 134: Star Wars Masterwork sketch card by Kimberly Dunaway (4/9)

Kimberly Dunaway lake dress 50

Item: Sketch Card (Villa Retreat Dress aka Lake Dress)
Artist: Kimberly Dunaway
Set: Star Wars Masterwork
Manufacturer: Topps
Price: $49.99

When Padmé Amidala is under the protection of Jedi Padawan Anakin Skywalker on Naboo, she wears a beautiful, multi-colored dress. Even though we only see the collar and her hair, the look is so iconic that you can tell that this is what she is wearing in the sketch.

I won an eBay auction for this card on February 24, 2015.