Day 54: Galactic Files (series 1) chase card CL-6

GalacticFiles CL-6GalacticFiles CL-6 back

Set: Star Wars Galactic Files
Subset: Classic Lines
Manufacturer: Topps
Card: CL-6
Price: included in complete set

While Padmé and Anakin were on Naboo, Anakin describes Aggressive Negotiations as negotiations with a lightsaber. This card depicts Padmé’s comeback in the Geonosian Arena as she describes negotiations with a blaster rifle.

I bought the full set of Galactic Files from Triangle Cards at Dragon*Con in 2012.

Day 53 (late): Padmé Amidala — Snow Bunny trading card

GalacticFiles2 547GalacticFiles2 547 back

Item: Padmé Amidala Snow Bunny
Set: Galactic Files Series 2
Manufacturer: Topps
Card: 547
Price: $2

Series 2 of Galactic Files includes a large section of cards depicting characters from Expanded University sources. While most of these characters exist only in the EU, there are also cards for Han Solo, Leia Organa, and Luke Skywalker. This card is based on Star Wars: Clone Wars but uses a realistic re-imagination using the likeness of Natalie Portman.

I purchased two boxes from Dave & Adam;s Card World.

Day 51: Star Wars: The Clone Wars trading card stickers

TCWstickers 40TCWstickers 40 back  TCWstickers 42TCWstickers 42 back  TCWstickers 43TCWstickers 43 back  TCWstickers 71TCWstickers 71 back

Item: Four stickers
Set: Star Wars: The Clone Wars trading card stickers
Manufacturer; Topps
Cards: 40, 42, 43, 71
Price: a few dollars at most

Following the release of Star Wars: The Clone Wars in cinemas, Topps released two sets of trading cards. Far rarer of the two was the set of trading card stickers.  Padmé Amidala was featured on three character stickers (40, 42, and 43) and one scene card: Amidala Joins The Fight (71). With her limited role in the film, Senator Amidala does not appear in the three main sets of chase cards.

I bought these cards from a variety of sources, but probably completed a set with the cards I bought at Target.

Day 50: Gioconda Amidala by Erik Maell #50/250

star_wars_celebration_vi_lithograph_by_erik_maell-d58i6s6 Erik Maell SWCVIErik Maell SWCVI edition

Title: Gioconda Amidala
Artist: Erik Maell
Event: Star Wars Celebration VI
Size: 16″ x 24″
Edition: 50/250
Material: Paper: Accent Opaque Smooth Cover Stock
Price: $50

The original artwork was created with watercolors, acrylics, Copic markers, inks and colored pencils on 140 lb Arches Hot Press. The size is approximately 14 x 20 inches.  The print was available in an edition of 250 and was sold exclusively at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida from August 23rd to 26th, 2012. The artwork will also be featured in his book Mona Lisa Reimagined.

I pre-ordered this print and then picked it up at Star Wars Celebration VI in Orlando.

Day 46: Rebel Legion Artist Series

Jason Keith Phillips Rebel Legion artist series

Item: Original Sketch of Ilum Padmé Amidala
Artist: Jason Keith Phillips
Set: Rebel Legion Artist Series
Price: $25

Much like the Star Wars Galaxy sets produced by Topps, the Rebel Legion costuming group created a series of  art cards to raise money for Make-A-Wish. This set was distributed at Star Wars Celebration VI. I own both the original sketch and the card created from it.

The original sketches were sold on eBay to raise money for the Make-A-Wish foundation.

Day 45: Star Wars Masterwork Padmé Amidala #8 Green Parallel

Masterwork green frontMasterwork green back

Title: Padmé Amidala
Set: Star Wars Masterwork
Manufacturer: Topps
Card: 8
Edition: #32/50 Green Parallel

Price: $10

Daily Dose of Padmé goes green for St. Patrick’s Day.

Star Wars Masterwork is the most premium Star Wars trading card set ever created!
Printed on 72pt stock, the base cards are of extremely high quality. There are numerous levels of parallel versions of base cards.The green parallels, numbered to 50 of each base card, is the second rarest parallel behind only the gold 1/1.

I purchased this card on eBay.