Day 193 (bonus): Grey DeLisle inducted into the Rebel Legion as Honorary Member

It just so happened that when I went to get Grey DeLisle’s autograph at Star Wars Celebration IV, my friends Mary Alice Ladd and Kristin Sirota were about to induct Grey into the Rebel Legion as an Honorary Member. Both are wearing costumes based on outfits in which Padmé appeared in Star Wars: Clone Wars. The Rebel Legion is an international Star Wars costuming group where members costume as the good guys of the Star Wars Universe.


Day 125: Star Wars The Clone Wars widevision sketch card

Colleen Doran GSI

Item: Artist sketch card
Artist: Colleen Doran
Set: Star Wars The Clone Wars (widevision)
Price: $34.95

While this rendition of Senator Padmé Amidala is from the Clone Wars, it is from the Star Wars: Clone Wars micro-series rather than the 3-D animated show upon which the set of cards is based. She is depicted in the dress given to her by Anakin Skywalker before he returns to the outer rim to continue fighting the Clone War. While this is an original sketch, I believe the artist drew many similar cards, so I’m not willing to call it one-of-a-kind.

I purchased this card from Claw Gems LLC in February 2015.

Day 81: Star Wars Conference Sitges Admission badge

Star Wars Conference badge

Item: Women’s Admission badge
Event: Star Wars Conference Sitges 2004
Organzier: The Official Spanish Fan Club
Size: 3.5″ x 5.5″
Price: $40.82

Badges for the Spanish Star Wars Fan Club’s Conference in 2004 featured art from Star Wars: Clone Wars. The female admission badge featured art of Senator Amidala in her Ilum “Snow bunny” outfit. I learned about this badge when I visited Barcelona in June 2007 and found back issues of the official Spanish Fan Club magazine..

I purchased the full set of badges from Blanki Canton Corral in September 2007.

Day 67: Topps Star Wars: Clone Wars Battle Motion B9

20150322_175914 20150322_17585920150322_175942

Item: Cartoon Network Star Wars Clone Wars Battle Motion chase card
Manufacturer: Topps
Card: B9
Price: pull from box of cards

Depending on the angle of view, this Battle Motion card displays one of two different images of Senator Padme Amidala in the Snow Bunny outfit on Ilum. At some angles, including the reverse side of the card both images are viewable.

I purchased a case of cards from Potomac Distribution

Day 39: Padme Amidala Character Key


Item: Padmé Amidala Character Key
Manufacturer: Acme Archives, Ltd.
Edition: #218/750
Size: 8″ x 6″
Price: $30

ACME Archives introduced the character key at Star Wars Celebration III with Yoda, as seen in Star Wars: Clone Wars. The line continued for many years with a close correlation between character keys and Gentle Giant maquettes. The Padmé Amidala, much like the maquette, was a exclusive, limited to 750.

I bought the key directly from for $30.

Day 32: Padmé Amidala bust-up


Title: Padmé Amidala Clone Wars bust-up
Manufacturer: Gentle Giant, Ltd.
Price: $4.79

Star Wars: Clone Wars was the theme of series 7 of Gentle Giant’s bust-up line. It was the last series with individually blind-boxed packaging. Many of the bust-ups, including this one, matched the pose of their previously released maquettes. There were variants for Anakin Skywalker and General Grievous and neither the regular or variant matched the maquette.

I purchased the bust-up at the Great Escape downtown location on December 29, 2006.