Day 109: Star Wars Galaxy 4 #19

SWG4 19-384SWG4 19-384 back

Title: Adventure on Ilum
Artist: Adam Hughes
Set: Star Wars Galaxy 4
Manufacturer: Topps
Sub-section: New Visions
Card: 19-384
Price: $78 for a box

After a 14-year hiatus, Topps produced a 4th series of Star Wars Galaxy cards in 2009. Adam Hughes was inspired by the Ilum episodes of Star Wars: Clone Wars to produce this realistic image of Jedi Master Yoda and Senator Padmé Amidala who is drawn to resemble Natalie Portman. In turn, this image inspired the statue produced by Gentle Giant and featured on Day 11. The double numbering is a continuation from the earlier Galaxy sets which numbered the card’s position in its release and in the full series of Star Wars Galaxy cards.

I purchased a full retail box of Star Wars Galaxy 4 cards at Target on March 8, 2009.