Day 80: Star Wars Galaxy 5 foil art cards

Galaxy 5 foil art cardsGalaxy 5 foil art cards back

Item: Foil Art Card (silver, copper, gold)
Artist: Randy Martinez
Set: Star Wars Galaxy Series 5
Manufacturer: Topps
Card: 10 of 15
Edition: 567/770 (gold variant)
Price: $130 for lot of 525 chase cards

For Star Wars Galaxy series 5, Topps commissioned Randy Martinez to create a series of 15 character cards. Cards with a silver background were found 1:3 packs. There were 3 parallel versions: copper, gold, and prismatic. One in every 24 packs contained a copper card while gold cards were 1 in every 47 packs and numbered to 770. There was only one prismatic foil of each card with a rarity of 1:17,664.

I bought a lot of 525 foil art and etched foil cards from The Collector’s Den. I traded all my duplicate art foil cards to Randy Martinez for the one bronze and two gold cards I needed to complete my sets. After spilling milk on my cards, Randy returned a silver foil art card and I bought replacements for the copper and gold from K and J Non-sports Cards. I just acquired an additional set of cards (pictured above) in a Padme Amidala Fan Value Pack from Randy Martinez at Star Wars Celebration Anaheim.

I have never seen the prismatic parallel available for purchase.