Day 182: Queen Amidala French poster

20150731_001320 20150731_001351 20150731_001402

Item: The Phantom Menace – “La Riene”
Country of Origin: France
Size: 174.5 cm x 118 cm Continue reading


Day 65: Movie Cash

movie cashmovie cash back

Item: Movie Cash certificate
Value: $6 towards a child admission for Star Wars: Episode  II – Attack of the Clones
Price: $1.50

I can’t find any information on how this certificate was made available. Certificates also featured Jango Fett and Obi-Wan Kenobi. Unlike the certificates of today, this certificate would have been good for only Attack of the Clones.

I acquired this through eBay.

Day 63: KFC Kids Meal Box


Item: KFC Kids Meal Box
Manufacturer: Pepsico
Price: Included with Kids Meal

With the release of Star Wars Episode I — The Phantom Menace, Pepsico brands were putting Star Wars imagery on everything. This included the box for the KFC Kids Meal. In addition to the food, the kids meal included a Naboo-themed toy.

While I certainly could have gotten this item at KFC as I collected the toys, but given its condition, might have gotten it in a lot with other items.