Day 188: Star Wars Celebration III badges pin set #188/275

swciii pin set ciii pin set

Item: Star Wars Celebration III badges pin set
Event: Star Wars Celebration III
Price: $170

I couldn’t find a good picture of the pin set, so I’ve included a photo of the actual badges. As you can see, both the adult and child badges for Saturday feature Senator Amidala. The adult badge has art based on Revenge of the Sith, while the child’s badge has art based on Star Wars: Clone Wars micro-series.

I pre-ordered the set from Intergalactic Trading Company at Star Wars Celebration III in Indianapolis, Indiana, and received it later that month.

Day 106: Disney Padmé Amidala pin

Disney 2002

Item: Padmé Amidala pin
Manufacturer: Walt Disney Company
Release Year: 2002
Price: ?

Star Wars: Episode II — Attack of the Clones was released in mid-May 2002 after Star Wars Celebration II was held May 3-5, 2002. With Star Wars Weekends having been held every weekend in May, Disney chose not to hold Star Wars Weekends in 2002. Instead they released a series of 30 pins of 19 characters and 10 vehicles from Attack of the Clones and the original trilogy. You may have noticed that 19 + 10 does not equal 30. There are two Super Battle Droid pins in the set. Some people have erroneously believed there were only 29 pins released.

I believe that my aunt gave this pin and many others in the set for my birthday present in 2002.

Day 105: Star Wars Weekends 2003 weekly movie scene pin


Item: Star Wars Weekends Attack of the Clones movie scene pin
Manufacturer: Walt Disney World
Edition: 3500
Price: $10.50

While the spinner pins were released in waves (2 per week), all four of the movie scene pins were released on the opening day of Star Wars Weekends 2003 at Disney-MGM Studios. The pin was also available in a framed set that included all four movie scene pins, all 10 spinner pins, and a completer pin.

Much like yesterday, either I purchased this pin myself or my aunt picked it up for me prior to my arrival for Star Wars Weekends.

Day 104: Star Wars Weekends 2003 spinner pin



Item: Star Wars Weekends 2003 spinner pin
Image: Padmé Amidala
Manufacturer: Disney
Price: $12.95

Available only during one weekend of Star Wars Weekends at Disney-MGM Studios in Walt Disney World, the pin features Attack of the Clones Geonosis arena outfit on one side and a Star Wars Weekends logo on the other. The image can be spun so either image is visible.

I purchased this pin during Star Wars Weekends 2003 with help from my aunt.

Day 83: Celebration Padmé button

Celebration button

Item: Padmé Amidala button
Artist: Jason Palmer
Price: $2

Jason Palmer has re-purposed the individual costume sketches from “Many Flavors of Padmé” into buttons. This button has Queen Amidala in her Naboo Celebration outfit from the end of Star Wars: Episode I — The Phantom Menace.

I bought this button from Jason Palmer at Dragon*Con in Atlanta, Georgia, on September 9, 2011.