Day 176: Queen Amidala key ring

Queen Amidala key ring

Item: Queen Amidala key ring
Manufacturer: Unknown
Size: 1 5/8″ high
Number: 02
Price: $6.99

I don’t really know the providence of this item. I bought this from Vendstock, Inc., and they may be the manufacturer of this item. It is dated 1999 on the bottom and it appears to be numbered “02”. They were selling four other key chains.

Day 22: Pepsi Bottle Caps: Queen Amidala (head)

Padme_04 Padme_07

Item: Queen Amidala (Head) Bottle Cap and packaging
Product Line: Pepsi bottle cap collection
Price: $4

To promote the release of Star Wars: The Phantom Menace in Japan, Pepsi released a line of over 50 bottle caps. The caps came blind-packaged. One of the packages featured the same portrait of Queen Amidala as on the bottle cap.

I purchased the bottle cap at Carasells Collectibles yesterday.

Day 14: Nesting Doll

20141130_134200 DSCN1076

Item: Star Wars Attack of the Clones Nesting Doll
Price: unknown (gift)

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, I present an item of Padmé Amidala and Jedi Anakin Skywalker. Inside, there is a doll with an image of Padmé in her Geonosis Arena Battle outfit.

I believe this is a mass-produced item as I got this one from my parents when they went on a trip to eastern Europe. I had an almost identical one that a friend got me in Russia.