Day 184: Queen Amidala Celebration Ceremony figure



Item: Queen Amidala Celebration Ceremony
Manufacturer: Hasbro
Line: Original Trilogy Collection Transitional Figures
Number: ’05 #4
Price: $4.99

The back of the card reads: “Queen Amidala and the inhabitants of Naboo celebrate their victory over the invasion of the Trade Federation. The Queen wears a decorative parade gown as the jubilant crowd cheers their freedom. The Gungans present Amidala with a Globe of Peace to thank her for her heroic efforts to protect the inhabitants of Naboo.”

When the original trilogy collection figure line came to an end, Hasbro continued to use the same general design for a handful of figures before the Revenge of the Sith line began.

I may have purchased this figure at Walmart.

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