Day 168: Star Wars Young Jedi CCG The Jedi Council Amidala’s Blaster

Jedi Council-F9

Item: Amidala’s Blaster
Manufacturer: Decipher
Game: Star Wars Young Jedi Collectible Card Game
Expansion: The Jedi Council
Subset: Diffraction Foils 
Rarity: rare
Cards: F9
Price: (case)

The second expansion of Decipher’s Young Jedi CCG, based on Star Wars: Episode I–The Phantom Menace, was Jedi Council. Just like the first expansion, it contained 140 cards and 18 diffraction foils. This expansion included the first card in the Weapons subset: Amidala’s Blaster. This card is number 41 in the base set and the diffraction foil is #F9. I never played the game, so I can’t explain any of the numbers or graphics.

I purchased a full box of cards, probably at Collector’s World.

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