Day 154 (late): Queen Amidala stat card and miniature

Queen Amidala stat card front

Queen Amidala miniature frontQueen Amidala miniature back

Queen Amidala stat card back

Items: Queen Amidala miniature and stat card
Manufacturer: Wizards of the Coast
Line: Star Wars MiniaturesSeries: Champions of the Force
Scarcity: Rare
Number: 31/60
Price: $89.95 (case of 12 boosters)

Champions of the Force was the fifth set of Wizards of the Coast’s Star Wars Miniatures game. It was released on June, 6th 2006. Before its release it was often announced as the set containing the most lightsabers ever (25, beating Clone Strike’s record of 22). The set includes figures from all eras and also introduces two new factions, Old Republic and Sith. Each booster box contains seven miniatures of which one is a “Rare”. This is the second of what would turn out to be three miniatures of Padmé Amidala. The Queen is depicted in her handmaiden disguise she wore during the Battle of Naboo. The miniatures are numbered alphabetically by faction. Republic was the third faction this time, so although she was 12th among the Republic she was 31st overall.

I purchased a case of Champions of the Force miniatures from on July 25, 2006..


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