Day 151: Padmé Amidala Clone Wars maquette #828/1000


GG maquette COA back GG maquette COA maquette box front

Item: Padmé Amidala maquette
Manufacturer: Gentle Giant, Ltd.
Line: Star Wars Clone Wars Maquettes “As Seen On Cartoon Network”
Edition: 828/1000
Retailer: exclusive
Price: $145.51 (including international shipping)

It’s the first of July and Day 150, so we feature the most valuable, non-unique item in my collection–Gentle Giant’s Padmé Amidala “Snowbunny” maquette based on the Ilum episodes of Cartoon Network’s Star Wars: Clone Wars micro-series. This item had the smallest edition size in the line (matched later by Mace Windu) of just 1000 pieces. With an original price of $80, it has sold for as much as $1500.

I put this item in my shopping cart at shortly after it went on sale in September 2004, but I didn’t checkout. It remained there for months as I kept not pulling the trigger. In February, it was still in my cart when I learned that it had actually sold out. (Incidentally, this was at a 501st get together at Opry Mills during which I got the idea to make the Obi-Wan Kenobi Clone Armor costume.) After confirming that I couldn’t actually buy it at, I searched the Internet and found one in England for approximately $125. Just two months later at Star Wars Celebration III, it was going for $500.

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