Day 139: Star Wars Masterwork Artist Proof sketch card by Kimberly Dunaway (9/9)

Kimberly Dunaway visiting attire

Item: Artist Proof Sketch Card (Visiting Attire)
Artist: Kimberly DunawaySet: Star Wars Masterwork
Manufacturer: Topps
Price: $150

Wookieepedia describes this outfit: “This beautiful outfit combined a range of fabrics and colors to bring together a unique look.[26] She wore an iridescent purple dress decorated with scrollery, especially as it neared the hem. The side of the dress was grayer, with swirling designs done in needlework, as were the sleeves. She wore a purple full-shoulder pauldron decorated with swirling designs, clasped with an umber-colored disc. Under this was a dark purple cape with scrollery around the edges. The collar was studded with beads, as were the ends of the inner sleeves. Her hair was done in a unique style, with small buns on each side and a small loop beneath each of them. An umber, jewel-studded headband completed the outfit.”

I purchased this card directly from Kimberly Dunaway.

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