Day 137: Star Wars Masterwork Artist Proof sketch card by Kimberly Dunaway (7/9)

Kimberly Dunaway snowbunnyKimberly Dunaway snowbunny back

Item: Artist Proof Sketch Card (Snowbunny)
Artist: Kimberly Dunaway
Set: Star Wars Masterwork
Manufacturer: Topps
Price: $150

Every week has a “Snowbunny Wednesday”, so in order to feature the sketch cards of Kimberly Dunaway for a week on Daily Dose of Padmé, it would require a sketch of Padmé in her Ilum attire. However, not only had she not done one, I had not seen that outfit on any of the nearly 200 Masterwork Artist Sketch Cards featuring the former Queen of Naboo. Fortunately, Kim had some blank cards and created this breathtakingly beautiful sketch specially for me.

Obviously, I acquired this card directly from the artist.

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