Day 128: Companions Anakin Skywalker Padmé Amidala wood #05/50

Masterwork companions woodCompanions back wood

Item: Anakin Skywalker Padmé Amidala
Set: Star Wars Masterwork
Chase: Companions
Card: C-7
Parallel: Wood #05/50
Price: $16.05

Star Wars Masterwork Is the most premium Star Wars trading card set ever created!
– From base cards to the rarest hits, the unprecedented design, ultra-premium stock and the finest classic imagery, each card is a work of art.
Printed on 72pt stock, the base cards are of extremely high quality. There are numerous levels of parallel versions of base cards and even the chase cards have multiple parallel versions on materials ranging from canvas to acetate to metal. This is the wood parallel, the third rarest version.

I won an eBay auction on February 20, 2015 to acquire this card.


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