Day 106: Disney Padmé Amidala pin

Disney 2002

Item: Padmé Amidala pin
Manufacturer: Walt Disney Company
Release Year: 2002
Price: ?

Star Wars: Episode II — Attack of the Clones was released in mid-May 2002 after Star Wars Celebration II was held May 3-5, 2002. With Star Wars Weekends having been held every weekend in May, Disney chose not to hold Star Wars Weekends in 2002. Instead they released a series of 30 pins of 19 characters and 10 vehicles from Attack of the Clones and the original trilogy. You may have noticed that 19 + 10 does not equal 30. There are two Super Battle Droid pins in the set. Some people have erroneously believed there were only 29 pins released.

I believe that my aunt gave this pin and many others in the set for my birthday present in 2002.


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