Day 74: Print by Tsuyoshi Nagano

TSUYOSHI NAGANO 20141130_13411320140226_162942

Title: Untitled
Artist: Tsuyoshi Nagano
Edition: 229/250
Event: Star Wars Celebration Japan
Size: 16.5″ x 23.5″
Price: $52.38

This illustration of Padme Amidala is unique in many ways. Foremost, it is the first officially licensed depiction of Natalie Portman in the Snow Bunny outfit from Star Wars: Clone Wars. It also is the first to feature the Snow Bunny outfit along with costumes from any of the films–in this case, both from Attack of the Clones. More recently, it appeared in the book Star Wars Art: Illustrations.

Fellow Rebel Legion member Brian Huan picked this up for me at Celebration Japan.

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